The new sexual harassment Bill hits Jamaica by Gayle force

Recently there have been much talk in Jamaica about “Sexual Harassment” and what acts should rightfully be defined as a “Sexual Advance”. This heightened due to the off-field exploits of the nation’s top cricketer and a Bill entitled "Sexual Harassment Act, 2015" that was tabled in the Parliament.
The Act's objectives are to create the necessary legislative framework for identifying and treating with issues of sexual harassment "which is employment related, occurring in institutions or arising in the landlord and tenant relationship".
The Bill defines "sexual advances" as distinct from "sexual harassment" which it defines as "the making of any sexual advance towards a person, by another person, which is reasonably regarded as unwelcome, offensive or humiliating by the towards whom the sexual advance is made, and references to the term "sexually harass" shall be construed accordingly". Based on this definition our “beloved” cricketer may be have been “caught in the slips” of the fair lady.
The duties of an employer in the Prevention of Sexual Harassment are three folds:
i. An employer shall make every reasonable effort to ensure that his Workers are not sexually harassed in the course of their employment.
ii. A person who is in charge of an institution shall make every reasonable effort to ensure that the students, residents, wards, inmates, patients or members, as the case may be, of that institution, not sexually harassed.
iii. It also stipulates that a "policy statement" be issued and that steps be "reasonably" taken bring the policy statement to the attention to all stakeholders.
Employer acquaint yourself with the Sexual Harassment Bill and start to sensitize your employees.

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