Benefits of Pre-Employment Testing

Increase Productivity and Retention and reduce White Collar Crime with Pe-Employment Testing

Pre-employment tests such as cognitive, personality and skill tests can increase productivity and retention by 28% and detect deviant traits that are predisposed to those likely to commit White Collar Crime (WCC).shutterstock_268397873

Labour productivity is key for a company’s profitability. The long term trend for Jamaica unfortunately has been a decline of 1.7% in labour productivity for the period 1972 to 2007, based on the Jamaica Productivity Centre Report. The regional trend is similar according to the International Labour Office 2013 Labour Overview for Latin America and the Caribbean. There are some hot spots of increase productivity for example in Trinidad with positive growth rates over the last 20 years. Increased Labour productivity is therefore key for the region’s growth agenda. Several studies, including Bateson et al. (2014) in Sifting to Find the Right Service Employees, have shown that administering workplace productivity, emotional stability and dependability testing instruments in the recruitment process can: i) reduce absenteeism 20 to 50%, ii) reduce company property damage and losses up to 75% and iii) increase sales and productivity levels greater than 20%.


WCC in the Jamaica work place could be fraud or theft of company property or business motivated by financial gains. The Financial Investigation Division of the Ministry of Finance in 2010 and 2011 seized over a 100 vehicles and 43 properties associated with WCC. In a study by Graham (2012) of the University of New Hampshire WCC costs in the USA are 14 times that of blue collar crimes. According to DiMarino and Roberson (2013) the cost to the US is over USD300 billion. This places the emphasis issues of integrity in the center of the selection process. Fortunately, integrity testing and detection of some of the traits are well underway. In a study of Behavioral Characteristics of WCC and Pre-Employment Testing by O’Brien (2015), of Georgia State University, the tools are twice as likely to detect deviant traits as others. Ceac Outsourcing through its industrial testing partner Criteria Corp utilizes the Work Place Profile’s honesty and integrity test to guide employers in “Selecting the Best”.

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