Ten tips for job security


What is job security? Simply put it is the assurance that an individual will keep his/her job, in today’s job market, with unemployment as high as 14% and 10 times more jobseekers than available jobs. With companies restructuring to remain viable, employees need to know:
How do I remain valuable to my employers and gainfully employed in these uncertain times?

1. Be noticeable. Introduce yourself to everyone and let everyone know who you are. Develop a cordial but professional relationship with your colleagues. Remember, no one will fight to keep you in the event of a downsize if they don't know you.
2. Be professional. This encompasses many things. Be punctual, effective and dress professionally. Don't use work time to engage in personal matters, don't use office resources for personal use and don't engage in gossip.
3. Be loyal. Employers appreciate employees that are loyal. Find some way to display your loyalty and it will not be forgotten.
4. Be a team player. It is important that you are able to get along with your colleagues and work as a team to achieve the organization's goals and objectives. If you are not a team player or refuse to work with certain colleagues you will be replaced with someone that can.
5. Be flexible. Your boss might require you to work overtime, come in early, stay late or work weekends in order to meet a deadline. A flexible and welling employee is often viewed as indispensable.
6. Carry out duties effectively. A good and valuable employee ensures that he/she effectively executes their duties.
7. Go over and beyond the call of duty. The employee that goes the extra mile will get the promotion over the employee that does the bare minimum.
8. Show initiative and be proactive. An employee who volunteers for new tasks and projects is sure to get noticed. This kind of initiative is highly valued in organizations.
9. Develop a unique skill or knowledge base. While taking training and development courses is important and prudent, it is an even better idea to assess your organizations needs and determine where there is gap and acquire these skills and knowledge. Filling an essential gap within your organization will make you invaluable.
10. Always do you best regardless of the task. No matter how small or unimportant a task might seem it is important that you treat that task like you would an important one.

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