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Ferry BPO-31

Overview: This is a brand new steel beams and reinforced concrete building of 53,527 sqft, standing four stories tall. The main floors provide approximately 15,000 sqft of usable office space. The building is specifically designed with the Business Process Outsourcing operator in mind. The amenities provided for include Backup Generator, Water Storage, Redundant AC systems and…
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Outsourcing to Jamaica

Jamaica has several outsourcing advantages to offer the world, including skilled cheap labour in close proximity to North America.
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Jamaica is open for Business

Jamaica is open for business to the world. The largest English speaking Caribbean country and an educated work force.

The Business opportunities are quite Extra-ordinary...My own experience tells me that your money will spend long in Jamaica. Talent is abundant, inexpensive and possessed of attributes that will help you be successful.
— Mark Jones, Gateway Solutions Inc. (USA)

Jamaica offers world class advantages to reduce labour costs by 60 to 70%, access educated, skilled English speaking talent, lots of government incentives and high-quality world class Information and Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure.